Potato Machine

potato chips cutter

BLP-800 Potato Chips(French Fries) Cutting Machine

** This machine can cut potato in pieces, stipper, chips.

** The thickness of potato strip(shred) is adjustable

Voltage: 380V/3P
Capacity: 800Kg/H
Rotating Speed: 178r/min
Cutter size; 5mm,8mm,10mm ( only one size of cutter included in the machine)
Size: 1070*685*1030mm
Weight: 120Kg

Potato Peeler & Slicer & Chips Cutter

** This machine  combined the peeling and cutting functions.  It can finish peeling potato and cut potato at a time. 
** This machine can peel the  potato and cut potato in piece, strip, chips separately
** Thickness of cutting size is adjustable freely.


Model:        BLP-10                 BLP-30

Power:        0.75Kw                   1.8Kw

Voltage:      220V/50Hz              380V/50Hz

Capacity:     100-150Kg/H          150-250Kg/H

N.weight:     80Kg                      113Kg

Dimension: 850*420*1100mm    1130*660*1130mm

BLP-400 Potato Slicer & Stripper

This machine can cut potato in pieces or stripper by change blade.

Power: 0.75Kw
Voltage: 220V/1P
Capacity: 150KG/H
Size: 700*400*700mm
N.weight: 80KG

TP-500 Potato Peeling Machine

** This machine is made of stainless steel.

** Only  50 seconds to peel 15kg/time potatoes.

Technical Datas:

Power: 0.75Kw

Voltage: 380V

Capacity: 500kg/h

Volume of bowl: 15kg

Weight: 78Kg

Dimensions: 475*475*840mm 

BD-200 Semi-auto Fryer

    This fryer is made of  SS304, PLC controller. Freely setting frying time and temperature,automatically discharge,   Automatic oil-temperature controlling system ,Electricity leaking protector,Less oil smoke and environmental. 


Power: 51KW
Temperature: 0~260℃
Frying  Area: 1000*350MM
Oil capacity: 300L
Weight: 200KG
Size: 1720*1500*1380MM

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