hamburger patty machine

Automaitc Patty Making Machine

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Product Description

BL-100II Hamburger Patty Forming Machine

The Patty forming machine can automatically complete the working procedures of filling,stuffing,molding, pasting patty paper,output,etc,and can be used to produce hamburger patty and chicken nuggets,etc. Stainless steel and other materials special for food are adoped for the whole machine .


Power: 0.55Kw

Voltage: 380V/220V/3P

Capacity: 35 patties/min

Size of forming mould: 28-100mm

Thickness of patty:  8-15mm (adjustable)

Barrel Capacity: 35L

Width of Conveyor:  130mm

N.weight:  110Kg

Dimension: 860*600*1400mm

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hamburger patty machinehamburger patty machine

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