sausage tying machine

Pneumatic Semi-auto Sausage Binder

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Product Description

BLS-100P Pneumatic Semi-auto Sausage Binder


* Adopts pneumatic driving and cotton thread for binding, being clean, hygienic, highly efficient, energy-saving and in conformity to the food hygienic requirements.

* The machine is applicable to the products made of natural sausage casings as well as collagen, fiber and smoked sausage casings.

Technical Datas:

Capacity: 80 portions/min

Length of Binding: 30mm-260mm adjustable

Dia. of casing: 8-32mm

Air pressure: 0.4Mpa

N.weight: 75Kg

Dimension: 1150*520*1000mm



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sausage tying machinesausage tying machine

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