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Bone Grinder

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bang lian

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1 pc

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Product Description

BC-180 Bone Grinding Machine

This is a new developed mightiness bone breaking machine with a high efficient claw-shape. This machine can break up bone and change into small grain. This equipment is especially suitable to kinds of bones, such as: dry or fresh beef large bones, pork large bones, sheep large bones ,poultry bone, and fish bone etc.


Power: 7.5Kw

Voltage: 380V/3P/50Hz / 220V/3P/60Hz

Rotating speed: 160r/min

Capacity: 600-1000Kg

Feeding gate: whole bone less than 200mm

Discharge size: 5-80mm(by change plate)

N.weight: 445Kg

Dimensions; 1600*700*1200mm

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