rapid sausage filler

Rapid Sausage Filling Machine

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Product Description

Hydraulic Rapid Sausage Filler


1.Stainless steel body looks luxury and elegant, ad also ensure that the food processed is clean.

2.Bowl with big capacity. Hydraulic system lifting sausage up and down, Low noise and high efficiency;

3.Imported and domestic branded electric appliances and hydraulic components ensure good quality and long service life.

4.Conversion swtich and food-switch offer safer operation.

Technical Datas:

Model: BSF-150                  Model:BSF-260                Model: BSF-350
Power: 0.55Kw                       Power: 0.75KW                   Power: 1.1Kw

Voltage:110V/220V               Voltage:110V/220V             Voltage:110V/220V

Capacity: 300kg/H                 Capacity: 400kg/H               Capacity: 600Kg/H

Volume of bowl: 15L               Volume of bowl: 26L            Volume of bowl: 35L

Size: 600*400*1240mm         Size: 600*485*1240mm        Size: 735*560*1240mm

N.weight: 125Kg                      N.weight: 150Kg                    N.weight: 175Kg


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rapid sausage fillerrapid sausage filler

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